Wouldn’t it be cool if you could 
have a CPA on speed dial...
one that gets you 
and your online business? 
it's so 1980s but…it IS pretty cool.
You started your business to have some fun and do the thing you love. 

You’ve made a few sales and have some money coming in but you also have a bit of money going out too.

Now there’s that nagging feeling of the unknown that’s keeping you up at night. 

You’re not sure where to start but what you do know is that you have questions and you need some help… 

Some sort of DWY (Done With You) solution where you can work with a CPA who specializes in working with online businesses... solopreneurs, creatives, coaches and consultants… just like you.

Someone that talks your lingo and can translate all that “accountant speak” into something meaningful to you.  
Can you relate to any (or all) of these?
Picture this. You started your business on a fluke almost. 

It's a hobby that has turned into something that is *gasp* making you some money. 

Now you have to put on your big girl panties and take it seriously, right?

You know you need your business to grow up. 

You know you probably should start using something more than a spreadsheet to keep track of your income and expenses but... 

You don’t have a clue where you should start.   
Do any (or all) of these sound familiar?
  • Overwhelmed by the choices - there are so many different accounting software packages out there, some desktop and some "in the cloud". So many choices, so little time. Which one will work best for you and your business? 
  • Fear & Avoidance - putting your head in the sand because you’re not quite ready to deal with the big leap from a hobby that you love to "real" business
  • Can’t afford it yet - you think you need a developer and/or an accountant to set everything up and link your website, your shopping cart, and your payment processor to your accounting software - maybe you do, maybe not. 
Let’s say you’ve gone out on a limb and set yourself up on an accounting software platform…but now what?
  • Not sure what to do when so you do nothing. Waiting until the end of the year to categorize everything before you meet your tax guy or tax gal 
  • Confused by the reports so you don’t even bother looking at them. What do the accounting terms mean? What does the income statement mean anyway?
  • Not confident about your pricing because you’re not exactly sure how much time you dedicate to product or service production so you have less than successful consultation/sales conversations with your potential clients. No sales = no money and that sucks!
What if it didn’t have to be that way? 
What if you didn’t have to go it alone?
It’s called The Cents Club and 
it’s a membership community that combines...

+  Training Courses (how to get your money systems together)
+  Live Workshops (how to implement new stuff)
+  Strategy Sessions (deep dive into your real numbers)

With The Cents Club & your put-together money systems, you can: 
  • Make More Moolah - Knowing how much you make on each product/service you sell will be an eye-opener for you...maybe a scary one. Once you know what it costs to deliver all the goodness you have to offer, you have a better baseline for what you should charge your clients…giving you the confidence to increase your pricing.
  • Build Your Team - Expanding the team & hiring folks, whether they are contractors or employees, can be super stressful but it's even harder to do when you're not sure when to do it or if you can afford to do it.  Knowing the inflows and outflows, as well as the timing of your cashflow will alleviate a lot of the stress and let you know when the timing is perfect for expansion. 
  • Investing In Yourself - All year-round, someone is popping into your inbox. Emailing you about some awesome course or mastermind or networking event that you just HAVE to attend to grow your business…Sure, it has the potential to help you grow your business but are you financially ready to make the commitment? Without using the plastic!  
But wait. There’s more… you’ll also be able to: 
  • Tie your tech tools together  - Being a solopreneur can be a lot of fun…but it can be a lot of work when you are doing everything manually. Tying your tech tools together creates a bit of automation magic that will free up some of your time and allow you to be a more productive.
  • Balance is better  - Bookkeeping can be scary when you’re going solo. Most days, you’re fine but every now and again…you may have a question or two. Or you just want someone to peek over your shoulder and “check your work”...
  • Keeping it in check and under control - Let’s be super honest for a moment, bookkeeping work is only fun for numbers nerds like me. If you want some accountability & checklists - what to do, why you need to do it and when to do it… you got it! 
Accounting software should be more than an invoice generation tool. Having your money systems together will change everything. 
This membership community is not meant to replace you in your business.

Tracking the money matters of your business is work. 

But it’s this work that will help you to make better business decisions and move your business forward... 

With the help of my favorite accounting software platform, XERO, we're going to translate your money matters into a money system.

A money system that makes sense to you, gives you peace of mind and confidence to get out there even more and grow your bizness! 
It’s deeper than the money.
It’s deeper than the money. It’s about more than just bookkeeping and accounting.

It’s about creating the business that serves me the best and serves my clients in the best way that I can.

Every time I question what I should do next, I go to Joyce. She is my go to person.

I know she is going to tell me the truth, get me back on track. I appreciate her direct, concise solutions.
Catherine Just,
Founder of CatherineJust.com
Pat Romain,
Founder of PatRomain.com
It’s more than bookkeeping and accounting people!!
She really understood the inner workings of my business. 

Usually I have to do a lot of explaining when it comes to how I run my business or what my business even is but she got it right off the bat!

It’s more than bookkeeping and accounting people!!
 Why I Created This Community...
Hey there.  Have we met yet?
I’m Joyce M. Washington. I’m a certified public accountant but I’m not your typical CPA (or so I’ve been told). 

I got into this online biz game many moons ago to offer something a little out of the ordinary.   

Something that balances the unique with the traditional...a quirky mix of "big business" style accounting services with a splash of coaching & consulting. 

Over the years, I’ve been helping ladies (and gents) have the a-ha moments that deep diving into the numbers brings.  Kinda like a teacher with her students, I live for these light bulb moments when my clients really “get it”. 

But as much as I love to do that, that brings up…the one thing bugs me… 

Hopping on consultation calls and chatting with ladypreneurs knowing that they aren’t ready for my done-for-you services and having to turn them away.  **insert super sad face**

That SUCKED.  Big time. It sucked so much, I just had to come up with something. 

Come up with a way to rock out with ladypreneurs (like you), help you get a grip on your money and learn how to maintain your books…all without breaking the bank. 

That's where The Cents Club comes in... it's more than having a CPA on call...more than having a bookkeeping tutor...more than having an accountability partner.  It’s all of that, wrapped into one. 
What you get when you join The Cents Club
  • Members only newsletter - includes the tip of the month, monthly checklist & focus of the month (for example: reminders of pending deadlines that you should be aware of like filing estimated taxes)
  • Masterclasses/Workshops - reviews of SAASy solutions & how to implement them into your business.  Great for the tech-challenged DIYer.
  • Growth Strategy Session - (coming soon) numbers on a page mean absolutely nada if you don’t dig in and decipher them. This is our monthly post-mortem session where we dive into the numbers of your business...together! We celebrate the wins and figure out fixes for the fails.
That’s kinda awesome but there’s more. Here are your bonuses:
  • Private Community - every good club has a clubhouse and a secret handshake, right? The Cents Club is no exception. This is a place for us to hang out and talk money strategies between our group calls (aka the growth strategy sessions).
  • Cents Library - (coming soon) just in case you miss a masterclass or a workshop or a strategy session, no worries. They will find a home in the library training video library.
  • Email Support - maybe you have a question in between strategy sessions. All you have to do is shoot me an email and we’ll work it out...together (do you see a theme here?)
And to get you started on the right track, there are a few one-time things we need to do…
  • Let’s Get Acquainted Call - this is like a new members orientation. During this one on one call (just me and you).  We’ll discuss: where you are in your business, where you want to go, how the club can help you, what systems you’re using and answer any questions you may have
  • Systems Review - after our call, I’m going to take a look at: what tools you’re already using, how they work together, and if your system can be streamlined
  • Customized Implementation Plan - this is your “what’s next?” road map. What to do in your first 30-60-90 days, including steps to clean up your books (if they are messy), how to streamline your systems, how to connect everything and how to maintain your money system
Lauren Frost,
Founder of WordPerfectionist.com
Dollars and cents. Or Mindset. 
Joyce can talk in specific terms in dollars and cents or she can talk in terms of “mindset.”

Being able to combine the two is a great service…
...yielded triple the results without having a huge list
Joyce helped me see the value of my program. She lovingly showed me how my first round of Fearless Launching was severely underpriced and with some kinda crazy ninja voodoo she encouraged me to price my product appropriately.

The result? My second launch of Fearless Launching yielded triple the results without having a huge list.

Thanks you Joyce! I’ll be back to get more of your magic!
Anne Samoilov,
Founder of AnneSamoilov.com and FearlessLaunching.com
Wesley Woods,
speaker and pastor
Joyce has a unique ability to filter out the “noise”.
Joyce is simply brilliant. She has the unique ability to filter out the “noise” that entrepreneurs experience when making pricing & business decisions.

She’s very thorough and helped me to see the big picture.

All of her suggestions were relevant, immediately actionable and helped me solve my pricing dilemma.

I would definitely recommend that you hire Joyce for a consulting session today!
Are you ready to grab control of 
your money matters?
The Cents Club Monthly
billed monthly
plus $199 application & setup fee
  • Members only newsletter, tips & checklists
  • Members only webinar calls per month - the Masterclass/Workshop & the Growth Strategy Session (coming soon)
  • Access to the private members community
  • Access to the growing Cents Library of training courses, masterclasses & workshops (coming soon)
  • Email Support
  • Your Custom Get Started Roadmap - including your Let’s Get Acquainted Call, your Systems Review and your Customized Implementation Plan
How long does the accounting systems setup take?
In a perfect world, systems setup takes about 2 weeks (or less) but that depends on how soon you send the information needed to complete the setup.  
What accounting software do you use?
I have evaluated and tested what seems like a ton of cloud based accounting software packages. For the services Common Cents provides, I have found that Xero Accounting is the best fit.
What software subscriptions are included?
The subscription for the accounting software is included in your flat monthly rate. Any additional software you may need that we help you implement will be added to your invoice at cost.
Who owns my accounting data? Can I export the data if I decide to leave?
The data is always 100% yours! If you decide that working with Common Cents isn't the right fit for your business, my team will help you download your documents and reports in a .csv or excel file - or if you like Xero (our accounting software), we’ll just transfer the subscription to you. 
When will my monthly billing start?
During the application process, your billing information is collected to reserve your spot on my client roster, but you WILL NOT be charged anything until we've had the opportunity to meet and discuss your goals... and to make sure we are a good fit for each other.  
What do you need to set me up?
What I typically request is read-only access to any bank account or credit card account that you use in your business, as well as, a copy of your most recent Balance Sheet, Income Statement and tax returns (to square away all of your beginning balances). 
My books are a mess. Can you help me with that? Do you provide service for catching up?
Absolutely. We'll discuss all of that during our new client consultant conference call.  We can explore the specifics then and decide on the best course of action for you and your business. 
Do you provide __________ services?
You fill in the blank. Although my core services are virtual bookkeeping and virtual cfo services, I do provide other services on a consulting basis. Shoot me an email and let me know what you have in mind.
Note: You will be charged a one time setup fee of $199 today,
then $59 in 30 days and every 30 days for the duration of your membership.
There are no cancellation fees or long-term contracts.
You may cancel your membership at any time.
Here's what happens next...
Within the next 24 hours, you will receive your email receipt and your welcome email.
Inside your welcome email, you’ll find all the what’s next info…the links so that you can:
  • Fill out your pre-getting acquainted survey (so I can do my homework before our session) 
  • Schedule your 30-minute “Let’s Get Acquainted” session.
  • Join the private community
  • Access to the training courses & workshop library
If you don’t receive either your receipt or your welcome email within 24 hours, please shoot an email to [email protected] 

Still Have Questions?
What tools/software will I need?
For the most part, stuff that you are already using (plus a twist).  To make the most of The Cents Club, it would be great if you already have a website, a way to accept money from your clients and accounting software. 

The preferred mix that I use with my clients is Wordpress (or Squarespace), Stripe and Xero.

Note: You will need to sign up for Xero. The subscription fee is $30/mo. 
You said I will connect my online tools together. Do I have to be techie?
Well, not really, however, you do need to know the basics. Things pertaining to having an online business (like how to navigate the dashboard of your website and Stripe or Paypal).  

No worries, if you haven't already set them up, I'll give you step by step guidance to get the pieces to play well together..
I’m a service business. I’m a product business. I’m a (fill in the blank). Is this right for me?
Hellz yeah! If you’re confused about the money of your business but you’re not ready to turn the day-to-day bookkeeping matters over to someone else, this community is for you. 

Within The Cents Club, you’ll learn the basics of bookkeeping as well as how to connect various pieces of your online business into a money system AND you’ll know what it all means.
Can I get a refund if The Cents Club isn’t a good fit?
The short answer is...NO. 

The long answer is.. as much as I want the members of the club to be happy campers, the "getting started" roadmap, plans & reports are customized for you.  It's not like I can reuse them for someone else. That being said, you may cancel at any time.  
Why is there a setup fee?  What does it include?
The first month of the club membership is when we will work on getting everything setup, do all the cleanup work and make sure everything's running smoothly.  

After that, you will be in maintenance mode...making sure that everything continues to run smoothly. 

The setup fee includes all of the one-time services, namely your custom Get Started Roadmap (your Let’s Get Acquainted Call, your Systems Review and your Customized Implementation Plan).  
Do you use the same processes & tools with your Virtual CFO clients and in your business? 
YUP. I use Xero every day. in my business and to monitor the finances of my VCFO clients.  

These aren’t tools and processes that I’m just throwing out at you without testing everything that I teach you in the membership community. 
Personal note...
Clearly, I have the gift of gab.  This is much longer that I wanted it to be.  

Since you're still here, a few things.  

I know that my way of communicating, my way of working with clients, and on and on...I know that it isn't everyone's cup of tea. 

Some people think that CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers (aka professionals) should do things the same way and that my way of doing things is well, not traditional.  And honestly, it's not meant to be.  

I left corporate America for the opportunity to think outside the box.  I didn't get out of the corporate box and start my own online business to then put myself into a box.  Go figure. 

I got into this online biz game because I want to do something different, to create something different that reaches the microbusinesses that most "big firms" (and small ones) ignore.  

So yeah... whatever.  *shrug*

If you want to rock out with me, understand your books, hang out with folks like you and have me on virtual speed dial when you have a question...I'm up for that challenge.  Let's rock! 

Join THE CENTS CLUB and let's get this party started.   

I look forward to working with you. 

Until then...laters! xx
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